AM & RF Systems

Our major Partner Cross Point, Netherland provides innovative hard & software solutions for entrances, exits and checkouts enabling retailers to reduce losses and optimize store performance. Delivering added value and exceeding customer expectation have been their objectives since the start in 1993. Striving for the best possible products and services implies interaction with the customers on a day-to-day basis and know-how about the latest technology and processes

Cross Point products can be recognized easily. They distinguish themselves from products of other manufacturers by their outstanding design, advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability and quality. Therefore, many of Cross Point products are recognized as the benchmark in their class.

AM& RF systems

Your store looks stunning – just like our systems

Meet the power of Cross Point stylish designs, perfectly suited to your appearance and branch. Cross Point offers both wide range of AM (Acoustic Magnetic, 58KHz) & RF (Radio Frequency, 8.2 MHz) Systems. After all, it’s about more than functionality and technology.

 Of course, you need a system to secure your articles. Or to count your visitors. Our article surveillance systems offer you that… but they offer more, much more.

We took it to the next step. We transformed classic surveillance systems and visitor counters into a fully integrated system that collects a wealth of information. In real-time. In the cloud. Cross Point Analytics gives you total insight into the performance of your stores and into your customers’ behaviors. Starting now, you no longer need miss any of this.

Our beautiful systems give your store an extra boost – enhance your appearance with surprising design! With or without integrated advertising panels.

ARGUS AM Loop & Floor (concealed/invisible) systems

Do you want unobscured access to your store, maintaining maximized visitor flow combined with solid merchandise protection? 

Cross Point ARGUS AM Floor and Loop System offers ultimate discretion while performing its highly advanced security task.

The ARGUS Floor System is the right solution for large open entries. The entry width can be extended with several units that are connected to each other. 

 The ARGUS AM Loop System is an EAS system which perfectly fits into walls or door frames, resulting in an almost fully concealed security system