LTE Network Solutions

The word wireless has become the common catchphrase now. With the world going wireless, the technology has opened the doors to a newer level of communications. As the wireless technology is quickly developing and most of us depend on the wireless application one way or the other, the impact it creates in our lives is outstanding.

Mission-critical professionals like police or safe city projects often depend on a reliable, high-speed connection. In these “wide-area LAN” scenarios, Private LTE combines the control and fixed costs of a private network with the flexibility, security, and macro-network benefits of cellular broadband.  is not powerful, available or reliable

Network Products

CPME takes immense pride in being a part of this global technical transition, by providing private networks with specialized requirements. Our highly scalable and flexible deployment architecture enables Private LTE/5G networks of all sizes. 

Our solution provides the enterprise with a much higher level of control over services, including the opportunity to deploy additional services, such as IoT, which may not be implemented within the public network.